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[ri-zes] noun, Plural

Roots │Origin│Where one comes from

“A unique homeland from our childhood”
For us, the historic village of Agioi Deka in Crete is a literal and metaphorical homeland. Here we have spent holidays and summers, had unforgettable experiences, filled our memories and gathered the materials that built the mythology of our childhood years.

And we have returned here to create a warm, welcoming “village” within the village, destined to become a place to create indelible memories for our visitors.

This village can become your village. A special homeland with special beauty and a fascinating centuries-old history.



A real holiday is time earned. The time in which one relaxes, indulges in pleasures that the mundane daily routine does not allow and experiences that will be etched in one’s mind long after one returns.

 A stay at st TEN can be an excellent springboard for a holistic, experiential introduction to the beauties and culture of Southern Crete!


Discover the variety and spectacular changes of scenery that Crete offers through relaxing one-day cruises, adventurous driving safaris and fun activities for the whole family.

Beaches & Landmarks 

No summer experience can be compared to a dip in the deep blue waters of the South Crete sea. Combine the exploration of the coastline and the beautiful beaches with visits to modern museums, important archaeological sites, impressive temples and monasteries that will bring you in touch with the rich history and tradition of the island.

Eat Like A Local 

A love for Crete definitely goes through the Kitchen. Get to know it in the tavernas and restaurants we recommend in Agioi Deka and the surrounding villages.

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