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Beaches & Landmarks 


In close proximity to st TEN Stone Built Village, some of the most famous and special beaches of the island await you.

Historic Matala Beach is well known for its prominence in beatnik and hippy folklore. Now organised, this famous beach is equally ideal for relaxing swims and dips in the crystal clear waters and for exploring its impressive network of caves.

The endless sandy beach of Psili Ammos, with its background of white rocks that define its eastern edge. Thanks to its isolated location, Psili Ammos retains its wild beauty but there are sunbeds and a canteen on one edge for those needed some shade and refreshment.

The idyllic beach of Tripiti, at the end of the wild Farragi Stenou (Narrow Gorge) is of unparalleled natural beauty. The dirt road to get there is long, but the route and – above all – the destination will more than make up for it.



For a taste of the culture of the area, which has been inhabited since Paleolithic times, visit the archaeological site of Gortyna, adjacent to the village of Agioi Deka. It is one of the three metropolises of the Minoan civilization and the capital of Crete during the Roman conquest. Don’t miss a guided tour of the adjacent archaeological museum of Messara, which houses, among other things, important finds from Gortyna.

The rich Christian and Byzantine tradition of the area is reflected in the temples of every era and size that you will encounter on your routes. The historic monastery of Odigitria, built at an altitude of 250 metres, dominates the Asterousia Mountains, not coincidentally known as the “Holy Mountain” of Crete.

More inaccessible but of great historical interest, the Koudoumas Monastery is one of the oldest on the island and dates back to the early Christian period. It is built on the edge of a gorge, just 40 metres from the sea.