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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

«D. TEAM ANONIMI ETAIRIA ILEKTROMICHANOLOGIKON – TECHNIKON ERGON» which is located in Argyroupoli, Attica (2, 25 March Street and 30 Vouliagmenis Avenue, P.O. 16452) (hereinafter the “Company“) manages the website located at (hereinafter the “Website“).

The Website uses cookies and similar technologies (hereinafter the “Cookies“). In this policy we will describe which Cookies are used and how we process the information we collect through them.

By proceeding to our Website, you signify that you have read and understood our Cookies Policy.

Your rights as a Data Subject regarding the collection, processing and transfer of your personal data through Cookies remain as stated in the Privacy Notice.

What are Cookies

Cookies are small text files with information, which are stored by the server of a website on the terminal device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) of a visitor/user while navigating it. The website shall retrieve this information on each visit in order to provide relevant services. A typical example of such information is the user’s preferences on a website, as stated by the choices made on it (e.g. selecting certain buttons, searches, etc.).

According to article 4 par. 5 of Law 3471/2006 the storage of information or acquisition of access to stored information in the user terminal equipment is only permitted if the particular user has given his/her consent upon clear and extensive information. An exception to the obligation to obtain consent in accordance with that paragraph shall be the case of storage and access to information intended solely to ‘the transfer of a communication via an electronic communications network or which is necessary for the provision of an information society service expressly requested by the user or subscriber. Essentially consent is not required for cookies that are technically necessary to make the connection to the website or to provide the Internet service.

Cookies can be installed by the provider of the website visited by the user (first party cookies) or by others through the provider of the website (third party cookies).

Cookies do not provide access to any of your stored files and cannot transmit harmful content to your device.

More information about Cookies can be found at: Please note that the aforementioned website is not controlled or managed by the Company and is accessed at your own risk.

Types of Cookies we use

The Company uses cookies that are necessary to maintain the users’ connection to its online services and to store the users’/visitors’ choices in relation to the optional cookies (“Necessary“).

With the consent of visitors/users, we will use additional, optional cookies to measure and analyse traffic in order to improve the Company’s performance and content. In addition, visitors/users are provided with the ability to access the Company’s social media. These social media may install their own cookies on the visitor/user’s terminal device. The Company is not associated with the installation and use of these cookies and does not collect any data in this regard.

Information on each category of cookies and the possibility for the visitor/user to manage his/her preferences regarding their use are provided below. By default, the pre-selection of optional cookies is disabled and is only activated by positive action of the visitor/user.

Necessary Cookies

Cookies in this category are necessary for the proper and effective functioning of the Website. They store information to maintain the user session after connecting to the Company’s online services through the Website as well as the visitor/user’s preferences regarding the use of optional cookies. They also enable key functions, services and features (accessibility, JavaScript availability, etc.). The legal basis for the processing of your personal data collected by Necessary Cookies is our legitimate interest, and more specifically, the proper functioning of our Website. The visitor/user’s consent is not required for the use of Mandatory Cookies.


Cookie name (and cookie category, e.g. necessary, απόδοσης, analysis, marketing etc)

Description/ Cookie purpose




The purpose of the cookie is to remember users’ consent preferences so that their preferences are respected on subsequent visits to this website. It does not collect or store personal data about visitors to the site.

1 year



The website’s WordPress theme uses this cookie. It allows the website owner to implement or change the website’s content in real-time.




The WordPress theme of the website uses this cookie. It allows the site owner to implement or change the content of the site in real time.


To whom we disclose the personal data collected through Cookies

Access to your personal data collected through Cookies is provided only to the Company’s trusted external providers, such as IT service providers or website hosting providers, and only to the extent necessary to provide their services to us. These providers may act as data processors and are committed to processing your personal information on behalf of the Company, only for the specific purpose of our agreement and under our specific instructions. We ensure that our service providers implement and enforce strict technical and organisational measures, in particular with regard to the security of your personal data and are also bound by confidentiality clauses.

How to manage and control cookies

When you visit our Website for the first time, you will be asked to accept or reject cookies. You can review and change your settings at any time by visiting the Cookie Banner.

You can set up your web browser in such a way that it warns you of the use of cookies and does not allow them to be accepted under any circumstances. In this case certain services and functions may not work. Of course, not choosing this setting is not construed as your will to accept all cookies without exception.

You can also delete all cookies already on your device by deleting your browser’s history. This will delete all cookies from all websites you visited from this browser. Please note, however, that some stored data may also be lost (e.g. stored login details, website preferences).

To manage and disable cookies, you can follow the relevant instructions for each type of browser:

If you are using another browser, please refer to your browser vendor for this information. Please note that the following websites are not controlled or managed by the Company and are accessed at your own risk.

Contact details

If you would like to contact us with questions about our Privacy Policies, or for any information about our use of cookies, or about the protection of your personal data, and/or to exercise any of your rights, please contact us at